Imagina Srl has been working on vision systems for the industry since 1999. We take care of the design, development and production phase of each solution, with a high degree of customization and guaranteed quality standards. The deep know-how acquired over the years and the direct experience in contact with multiple industrial contexts allow us to create vision systems suitable for any type of company and production process, with excellent results in control optical control, morphological control and quality control.

Through collaborations with trusted and proven partners, we can offer dedicated optical solutions: bitelecentric optics and their illuminators, 360-degree optics, Scheimpflug systems and custom optics.
Imagina’s mission is to serve the best machine builders and end users, with industrial vision systems designed using advanced, tailored technologies for a result that offers maximum efficiency and utility.

We offer our advice to automated machine manufacturers, integration companies and end users who want to use highly customized industrial vision systems on their machines or plants, for process control, quality control or dimensional control with cameras. The vision system collects a considerable amount of information through image capture: the correct setting of this process plays a decisive role in the definition of the overall performance of the system and can avail of techniques very specific hardware settings. An industrial vision system designed according to the canons of Imagina and made to measure leads to the full satisfaction of machine builders and end users.

We have developed many laser triangulation systems.
Thanks to this experience we are able to create systems that are specifically customized to meet the requirements of the application. During the planning phase we can define all the main parameters that characterize the ‘anatomy’ of a laser scanner.