Artificial Vision System

Imaging systems acquire images through specific techniques and extract information from them. The applications may be completely different from each other and, in general, require different approaches both in the selection of hardware and of software.

Optical Dimensional Control

Optical Dimensional Control metrology is always based on the construction of contours extracted by Edge Detection algorithms.
Imagina srl algorithms can be configured to obtain the best accuracy and the best morphological/geometrical fitting.

Laser Scanner 3D

Our company manufactures and develops in-line 3D laser systems specifically for industry: they are systems based on the principle of laser triangulation that adapt to all the demands of each industry.

Quality Control

Imagina Srl offers vision systems dedicated to optical quality control, ideal for: assembly control, morphological control and absence and presence of objects.

OCR Systems

This particular application of the vision system allows the identification of a product, component or part, satisfying traceability demands in all production sectors.

Industrial Environments

Imagina Srl integrates measurement and control systems even in heavy environments, being able to design and build systems of protection from heat, dirt and chemically aggressive substances.

Robot Guidance

With the technology prepared by our technicians we are able to create vision systems for the guidance of robots, identifying the different parts in the works even in critical situations.